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Temple Buddhist Center is about the exploration of Buddhism.  We teach, practice and experience 2600 year old wisdom in our modern-day lives. 

The first sermon given by the Buddha is that of the Four Noble Truths.  The Buddha formed the Four Noble Truths as the means to realizing suffering, discovering is cause, and entering the path which leads to its cessation.  The path, central to Buddhist practice, is not merely an analytical investigation, but through the discipline of mindfulness-awareness meditation, the experiential truth of these fundamental Buddhist teachings dawns. 

In our practice, here together we seek to experientially explore those teachings that we can as individuals deem to be undeniably right, complete, wise and true not because we are told they are so but because they are of benefit to ourselves as well as others.  We seek to do no harm.  We seek to benefit all beings without exception. 

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Dharma Teaching & Practice

We have two main services on Sunday morning. 

The first is at 9:00 am and is our Sunday Service, consisting of Meditation, and a Dharma Teaching.

The service at 10:30 is a more traditional service with elements of four schools of Buddhism (Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Dzogchen).  

Both services are 1 hour in duration. Try one or both.   Wear whatever is comfortable.  The majority of our seating is theater style and we have a few traditional cushions up front

There is no experience necessary.
Booklets and bulletins are provided to follow along. 

Map, Directions & Parking

Temple Buddhist Center 

707 W. 47th Street

Kansas City, Missouri  64112

Temple Buddhist Center is located within Unity Temple on the Plaza, on the Southwest corner of 47th Street and Jefferson Streets.

Parking and Transportation

There's ample free parking in the garage on 47th street, just to the west of the Unity building.  Entrances are on both 47th Street and Jefferson.  There are also several paid parking garages within one block of our location, as well as the possibility of street parking.  

The Metro

Bus stop is right outside for the eastbound bus #35 and #51.

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Temple Buddhist Center is proudly a Part of Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City Missouri
We are located at 707 West 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112, within the Unity Temple on the Plaza building, corner of 47th and Jefferson.
You can reach us at 816-994-8015 or email Ronn Pawo McLane at urgyenpawo@gmail.com
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